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Star City Research is formerly known as Martin Research, EST. 1970 in the Roanoke Valley and is a trusted name in the market research industry. We focus on the ever-changing market research trends and no topic is off-limits.

Star City Research focuses on all regions of Virginia, including rural areas, but we have branched out to Nationwide recruiting for all research needs. We deliver both traditional in-person focus groups as well as online research sessions. Contact us to learn more about our research testing and let our team help you understand the trends in your local market.

Urban to Rural Recruiting in All Regions of Virginia
And Nationwide Online or In-Person Research

Northern VA Region

SW VA Region

Eastern VA Coastal Region

Central VA Region

Alexandria, VA

Roanoke, VA

VA Beach, VA

Richmond, VA

Why Us...


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer and the Star City Research team on several projects and have always been impressed by the dedication they show to the work and their diligence in ensuring my clients’ needs are always met. I most appreciate their candidness and their ability to approach challenging or unusual recruitment projects creatively.” Rachel Spencer

"Jennifer Powell was such a pleasure to work with, and I am so happy I found her when I needed a focus group recruit. She asked me many detailed questions to ensure she understood our recruiting needs which resulted in a perfect recruit. Not only this, but she has a great personality to go with her competence and professionalism. I could not recommend her enough and wish all qualitative managers were as friendly. Thanks for all of your hard work!" Alison Lanier, Business Manager, Responsive Management

"You and your team are always on top of your it, and we also appreciate your honesty. We really value your work. When you use Star City Research, you know you will always get the quality, due diligence and professionalism from the team. Their communication is excellent, always keeping us updated, and we look forward to continued successful and smooth running projects together" ~ Jana, 9th Seat

"Star City Research did a fantastic job recruiting a hard to reach, younger consumer target audience for us in a very short time frame! All of the Star City team members were highly responsive to our requests and were effective communicators. We received high show rates and Star City was quick to replace or reschedule respondents if they had a scheduling conflict. I especially enjoyed receiving "real-time" respondent profile grids to maintain high quality recruitment and to keep the project on schedule. I would highly recommend Star City Research team" Frank DeMonte, Director, Aeffect, Inc.

"Jennifer and I have worked on many projects together in the past. They have incredible show rates, great respondents and a solid, professional team. They know what they are doing, and I trust them every time with a project. If Jennifer says they can accomplish the project – they will! You are in good hands" Brooks Anderson, Operations Manager

"Star City Research recruited a group for me recently. There were several terminates and a complex screener. We found out a few days before research that the streets in front of the facility (which we procured on our own) were closed from early morning till mid afternoon for a parade. Jennifer and her crew jumped right in, alerting the respondents of the street closure and suggesting they arrive a bit earlier to secure parking. We had almost a 100% show rate. She also provided us with the name of her AV guy, who did a great job and was great to work with. I highly recommend them, they are great people and easy to work with" Jean Hoffman National Jury Project-Midwest

"We’ve worked with Jennifer for over 6 years. She and her team have been integral to our work throughout Virginia. We’ve conducted focus groups with her support all over the state with a variety of audiences – from voters, to low-income Medicaid beneficiaries, to uninsured adults. She and her team are excellent communicators and our participants have always been stellar" Naomi Mulligan Kolb Managing Director/Senior VP Perry Undem Research

Davies+McKerr London UK

"The guys at Star City Research were brilliant from start to finish. The project involved a challenging recruit within a relatively short time frame, with an obscure audience that was particularly hard to reach. They kept us informed throughout with updates and went above and beyond to provide additional information on respondents to ensure they were bang on spec! Jen, Sherry and Nancy were always on hand to help things run smoothly and the in-house facility Roanoke was perfectly suited for running groups in a creative, relaxed environment. Cheers, Sion" Sion Payne Associate Director

Our Focus & Methodology

Focus Groups Facilitators in Roanoke, VA

Focus Group Facilitators

We recruit respondents to participate in traditional conference-style focus groups to a more casual setting with living room style to bean bags for children. We have immeasurable experience in recruiting demographics from Adolescence to Millennials to GenX to Baby Boomers to Senior Citizens.

Mock Trial Recruiting in Roanoke, VA

Mock Trial Recruiting

Star City Research has a team experienced in mock trails regarding a wide variety of cases. We understand the importance and deliver an excellent demographic mix for every mock trial. We have experience with mock trials lasting from a short 2-hour session to a 7-day session in a Federal Courthouse.

Digital Online Focus Groups & Music Test in Roanoke, VA

Digital Online Focus Groups & Music Test

Our team is experienced with online focus groups using QualBoard and other platforms, as well as the newest trend in Online Music Test. We are now familiar with Zoom and Microsoft Teams and will adapt to any platform necessary for your research. This method can be more friendly and easier to get folks together as well as save costs on facilities and AV demands.

Off-Site Survey Intercept Research in Roanoke, VA

Off-Site Survey Intercept Research

We have been intercepting the public for over 25 years to complete surveys in many different industries. Examples are restaurants, airports, medical facilities, grocery stores, college campuses, movie theaters, truck stops and convenience stores. Our interceptors are flexible and willing to bounce from town to town for up to a week to meet your needs.

IDI's, Small Groups & In-Home Studies

We have experience in recruiting smaller groups or individuals for any given topic. We are tactful and discreet in recruiting for topics that are of a delicate nature that delve into private situations or lifestyles.

Usability Research

Star City Research and our dedicated team have conducted hundreds of projects to help clients find out if the apps and sites they are building are user-friendly.

Topics of Expertise

Cyber Security
Food & Beverage
Package Design
Radio Listening
Specific Voter Demographics
Utilities & Energy

Recruitment for Mystery Shops in Roanoke, VA

Recruitment for Mystery Shops

These are always fun to get behind the scenes for our clients regarding their products and services. We have experience with financial institutions, car dealerships, retail & convenience stores and many more.

Focus Group Facilities

Northern Virginia

Eastern Virginia Beach

Central Virginia

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Our Participants

Star City Research is an independent marketing research firm established over 50 years ago in the Roanoke Valley. We appreciate all of our database participants and value your time and opinions. We do not promote or endorse any political candidate or political party, nor do we promote or sell any products or services. All studies are for research purposes only and your information is kept confidential.  It is important to keep your informtion up-to-date, so you are included in email blasts to sign up for upcoming studies.  Encourage your friends and family to sign up to partake in these opportunities!

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